Siti Cable seeds 1 million digital cable TV STBs in Kolkata

Siti Cable Network, India´s MSO branded as SITI Cable in three metros- Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai has announced seeding more than 1 million digital cable TV STBs in Kolkata Metropolitan Area. The MSO is confident of deploying additional 0.5 million STBs in next few months.

Currently Siti Cable offers 400 + digital TV channels with multilingual audio features and is the only MSO offering 40+ Bengali channels. The MSO has already invested USD 2.78 million for the mandate digitization regime in the eastern cities of India and plans to invest additional USD 1.85 million in the next two months.

Siti Cable offers Siti Janta pack which comprises of 100 channels for USD 1.85 per month; Siti Popular pack offers 175 channels at USD 3.33 per month. Other two packages include Siti Grand pack which comprises of 240 channels at USD 4.26 and Siti Premium pack offering 315 channels at USD 5.18 per month.

Siti Cable-Kolkata Director, Suresh Sethiya said it would not have been possible without the hard work of our Team, hundreds of Siti Cable Operators and support of all our subscribers. Mr. Sethiya feels they are the first MSO in the country to deploy more than 1 million STBs in one city.